Liz's tireless enthusiasm and expertise have empowered me physiologically and emotionally to become a better singer than I had ever imagined. It’s like physical therapy and good, old- fashioned psycho-therapy for your vocal cords!"
- Ana Gasteyer
I want to work with you on everything!! I am a true Liz acolyte and grateful from the depth of my heart for your gift, and the way you lead people from a place of fear to a place of freedom and beauty. To many many more Liz xxoo

- Lear DeBessonet, director, Obie Award winner and founder of Public Works
Liz!!!! All I can say, over and over and over again is, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Your guidance, support, patience, belief and encouragement of me was invaluable to me achieving anything close to singing today. You are a true wizard, a lady vegan good witch of the westside fully in charge of her powerful magic! I so appreciate you!! Xo Benjamin

- Benjamin Bratt, Emmy award nominee, known for Pixar's "Coco," "Doctor Strange," "Modern Family," "24: Live Another Day," "Despicable Me 2," "Law & Order," "The Andromeda Strain," "Miss Congeniality"
"Liz has such incredible intuition about the human voice. Her ability to pin point the problem and communicate a solution is mind-blowing to me... in my 18 years in NY, I have never worked with a teacher who was able to communicate as well as Liz. She has changed the way I sing. To hear it, it is the same voice, but how I produce sound is easier, healthier and more fun!"

- Lauren Kennedy, actor Artistic Director of Hot Summer Nights Theatre Raleigh
Thank you, Liz!! You kept us healthy and strong for the whole run of shows! We are so grateful for your expertise and encouragement from the beginning of this crazy lil journey with Oh Hello! Sending lots of love from George and Gil as well

- John Mulaney and Nick Kroll, stars of OH, HELLO on Broadway
"Liz is a brilliant, patient, inspiring teacher. Not only do I want to sing like Liz, I want to BE like Liz...I'm so happy every time I go meet a guest before the show and I learn that they are one of the Fellowship of the Sing when they say the magic word "Caplan!" We bond. I miss the internal spiritual massage that your work provides."  

- Stephen Colbert, Host of "The Late Show" on CBS
“Thank you for your coaching and guidance. You provide the skills for me to perform at my best, but you additionally deliver your instruction with great confidence and cheer... I love your energy, your light, and your education.”    

- Neil Patrick Harris, Netflix's "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events," CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother”, NY Philharmonic’s COMPANY, Emmy Award winner for “Glee”, "63rd Annual Tony Awards", RENT, CABARET, host of both the Emmy and Tony Awards
"I love Liz Caplan because she is so passionate about what she does. I feel that a truly great teacher knows how to empower their students and cater to their specific needs, reaching into a large 'bag of tricks' that will help a variety of people with whatever blocks they have in front of them. Liz is exactly that Great Teacher. She is a wonderful spirit, extremely nurturing and full of love, and she makes all her students feel instantly comfortable with themselves and with their instrument. Every time I refer a singer to her, they walk away from their first lesson feeling like Liz got them to sing better than they ever had before. She is the top!"    

- Alex Lacamoire, Tony Award-winning Music Director and Orchestrator of DEAR EVAN HANSEN. Multiple Tony and Grammy Winner for Broadway's HAMILTON and IN THE HEIGHTS
"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Liz for some time now. While I have always marveled at her knowledge of music and technique, it is her unique understanding of what each individual performer needs that impresses me most. She continues to reach singers of all types with her methods, and her ability to improve overall performance while protecting the instrument is astounding.”  

- Tom Kitt, Tony-Award and Pulitzer prize winning composer of Next to Normal; composer of Bring It On; 2013 Tony Awards; composer of If/Then. Orchestrator for Upcoming SpongeBob Musical
"What a talented dedicated professional you are. Thank you for being so great at what you do. I would work with you everyday if I could. You get it." Mike Myers, actor known for Wayne's World, the Austin Powers series, Shrek

- Mike Myers, actor known for Wayne's World, the Austin Powers series, Shrek
“Liz Caplan’s skill with singers as well as actors is unparalleled. What makes me a huge fan and devoted supporter is how she integrates the voice with the full body. She teaches full-body singing in order to wholly realize the vocal potential of her students. She also greatly respects a singer’s individuality and vocal personality, not attempting to create a certain sound, but unleashing the best sound each specific person can create.”    

- Michael Arden, FX’s “Anger Management”, THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN’, BARE: A POP OPERA, BIG RIVER. Director of Broadway's SPRING AWAKENING and the upcoming ONCE ON THIS ISLAND revival.
"I couldn't have done eight shows a week on 'American Idiot' without what I learned from Liz Caplan.  Liz gave us a lot of physical training and warm-ups and things to do to warm up the voice because it goes against all human instinct to sing and shout that much over eight shows a week. Your body starts to shut down at a certain point. And so you have to rely on training and these little tricks and exercises. Liz is amazing. She works with everyone and she definitely saved all of our voices when she came on to 'American Idiot'."    

“Working with Liz is the best thing I ever did for my voice. She's improved my approach, stamina and pitch. Her energy is like a huge bear hug for your vocals cords!"

- Eric Hutchinson, His debut album, “Sounds Like This”, reached the top ten selling albums on iTunes in 2007; his second album, “Moving Up, Living Down”, was recently released and his new single was featured on the hit TV show “Grey’s Anatomy." Other albums include "Pure Fiction" and "Easy Street"
“Liz saved my voice. I was running into problems that I didn't know how to fix. Liz went right to work and she helped my find my voice again... I was grateful to be able to thank her from the stage of the Beacon Theater when I accepted a Tony Award this year. I could NOT have done it without her. Today, I'm singing with more confidence than I ever have, and more importantly, because of the technique Liz has ‘gifted’ me,I can trust that it will always be there.”

- Nikki M. James, Tony Award winner for Best Leading Actress in BOOK OF MORMON
“For a week, my voice was nowhere to be found. I was battling laryngitis, a croup, and the fatigue of Tony season. I came to Liz Caplan's studio with nothing but swollen cords and a sick feeling in my stomach, that despite the fact I HAD to go onstage, I would be going on with nothing to give. And then the unimaginable happened. Liz not only saved my voice with a series of exercises I now use every day of my life, but that night, I sang as if nothing had ever been wrong. She isn't a teacher. She is a Goddess.”

- Josh Gad, Tony Award nominee for THE BOOK OF MORMON, voice of Olaf in Disney's Frozen
What did you do to prepare, physically and emotionally? From the summer, I started doing Pilates to get my body going again. I studied meditation knowing it would be a huge new calming skill. The emotional readiness is difficult, bringing up touchstones of when I wrote it and what has happened since. Vocally, I was terrified, but Liz Caplan, who is THE Hedwig vocal architect, broke up the rock and found my voice underneath and made it stronger even than it was then. I burst into tears in her office a lot. She said, "This is all opening your heart in a physical way and an emotional way. You're doing it for a reason. You're not proving anything to anyone but perhaps you need to break up some scar tissue in your life." And I certainly am. I'm excited to see what happens and if I can propel myself in a new direction personally and artistically. People say I look younger than ever.

- John Cameron Mitchell, co creator and recent star of Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway, in an interview with Theatermania
"My Liz, I know you're pretty used to hearing this from the countless people you've inspired, but it bears repeating... I would not be here without you. I hardly even remember the person I was when I first walked into your studio.  Singing was something I was good at, but something that confused and frustrated me - a fairweather friend I could never pin down. You are the first teacher who saw Me,  my unique instrument, and who cultivated my spirit and  heart and body all into one cohesive voice....my voice. I cannot tell you quite what it feels like to be able to stand on that stage, open my mouth, and feel the freedom of true, unencumbered expression.  I feel grateful, more than anything. You are my magic, intuitive, loving, special guardian angel, and I love you to the end and beyond"

- Bobby Steggert, Tony nominated actor 110 in the Shade, Ragtime, Big Fish
"Liz, it was an honor to watch your magic spread across our cast - your contribution to the success of the production cannot be overstated. Soon again, I hope!!!"

- Bill Condon, Director of Disney's Live action film of "Beauty and the Beast", "Twilight Saga--Breaking Dawn parts I and II", director of Broadway's SIDESHOW
"I have no hesitation to send along people I care about to you. Easy every time.  You've always provided the safest place for folks I respect and adore to flourish.  More to come! "

- Tommy Kail, Tony Award Winning Director of Broadway's HAMILTON
"Liz Caplan is a master of the voice. Her technique and passion for and commitment to the entertainment industry are awe inspiring. I highly recommend her to our clients as well as artists of all ages and experience. She is a game changer."

- Craig Burns, CSA Casting agent Telsey+Company
"Liz Caplan is one of the major reasons why I was able to perform as The Guy in Once for as long as I did.  I will recommend her for the rest of my life as someone who knows the voice, knows the body, and more importantly knows the mind and the heart and helps you learn how to sing out from those places.  She's brilliant.  She's like a therapist and a vocal coach wrapped into one."

- Steve Kazee (2012 Tony Award Winner, Best Actor in a Musical for Once)
“It isn't by accident that Liz Caplan is our "go-to" voice teacher at Wicked. She has worked with the vast majority of our leading ladies on these vocally demanding roles. Because of her keen knowledge of the voice and the demands of musical theatre singing, Liz always brings great improvement to the technique of each singer that works with her. ​   I am constantly amazed, however, at how Liz also becomes friend, coach, and confidant to her students. She doesn't just love teaching--she also loves the connection of great collaboration. It is exactly because of this--the level of comfort, love, and familiarity that she can achieve in her studio--that Liz produces great singing. ​   Her technical improvements are only magnified by the relaxation and ease that she brings to everyone who walks into her studio. I consider myself lucky to have worked with Liz and, yes, to also call her my friend!”

- Dominick Amendum, Music Director/Conductor and Associate Musical Supervisor of WICKED
"I began studying with Liz Caplan after years of not singing. After one lesson, she instilled in me the faith I needed to perform on-stage with confidence. Over the span of just a few months, I have found my vocal range back, and she has given me exercises that have helped to build the stamina I need to get through the grueling eight performances a week schedule without losing my voice! ​ Liz Caplan finds your voice and makes it better, instead of forcing someone else’s voice on you. Best of all, she does it with joy and humor and somehow makes it fun, which I believe singing should be! I really look forward to my classes with her."

- Molly Ringwald, actress known for Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, CABARET, TICK TICK BOOM, ENCHANTED APRIL
"The demands put on the cast of American Idiot are truly punishing, and the fact their voices maintain such character, vitality, musicality, and dynamism is a testament to the miraculous work that Liz Caplan has done."

- Michael Mayer, Tony Award Winning Director of Spring Awakening and Thoroughly Modern Millie, Director of Broadway's Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Director and book writer of American Idiot
"When I went to Liz I had a pre-nodular condition, and one doctor told me he would have to operate. I went on vocal rest for about one month and then started lessons. With Liz's help I've been able to belt my butt off, and haven’t had serious problems again (Knock on wood!). Liz also helps me find audition material and coaches me on songs. And best of all, she always puts a smile on my face!"

"Liz has literally helped me find my voice. Her technique is comprehensive and individually tailored. She makes a personal connection with every one of her lucky students. Liz truly invests in each persons unique sound and helps build confidence."

- Brooke Shields, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, CHICAGO, WONDERFUL TOWN, CABARET, GREASE, Golden Globe nominee for “Suddenly Susan”
"Studying with Liz Caplan has changed my approach to singing on every level. In the  years we have worked together, she has combined phenomenal technique with tailor-made specifications to meet a huge variety of professional demands. Her tireless enthusiasm and expertise have empowered me physiologically and emotionally to become a better singer than I had ever imagined. It’s like physical therapy and good, old-fashioned psycho-therapy for your vocal cords!"

- Ana Gasteyer, ABC’s “Suburgatory,” THE ROYAL FAMILY, THE THREEPENNY OPERA, WICKED, “Mean Girls”, “Saturday Night Live” alum
"Liz uses her compassionate eyes and ears and hands to immediately zero in on exactly what needs to be done, whether in an emergency or in the long term.  She is effective, practical, smart, loving, lighthearted, and continually invested in the success and health of her students.  I'm so glad that I chose her to help me work with the actors placed under my care."

- Deborah Abramson, children's music director, Matilda; associate music director, Spring Awakening
"When I first met Liz, I could tell immediately that she's someone who ‘gets it.’ Her understanding of technique and the physiology of singing is staggering - but more importantly, she fully grasps and inspires the art of it. She's magnificent at freeing the voice of blocks and hang-ups without removing the unique qualities of the singer. Not to mention she's a ton of fun. I can't recommend her highly enough."

- Charlie Alterman, Music Director of the 2013 Tony Award Winning Revival of PIPPIN, GODSPELL and NEXT TO NORMAL.
"Certainly your knowledge of the medium and your ability to directly focus on specific areas of improvement greatly encouraged and influenced our vocal students. I marvelled at the rapport you were able to establish...you truly are a gifted musician, teacher and coach."

- Dr. Robert Miller, Festival of Arts & Letters Chairman, East Stroudsburg University
"We are preparing our Music Dance Theatre Senior Showcase for New York and looking to have a vocal Master Class while we are there. Every time this comes up we think of Liz Caplan first because the Master Class that she did for our students 3 years ago was so wonderful and beneficial."

- Gayle Lockwood, Brigham Young University Vocal Faculty
"I have had the unique experience of working with Liz as both a music director and as a vocal student.  What makes Liz truly special is her understanding of the vocal mechanism as part of the whole of body mind and spirit.  By encouraging harmony in the whole self, and imparting the vocal technique she has perfected over many years of experience, she achieves brilliant and lasting results with her students.  She is capable of significantly improving one's technical ability, as well as helping performers through very specific problems.  She has my highest respect as a teacher and as a human being.”

- Bryan Perri, conductor and Music Director of Wicked