When I went to Liz I had a pre-nodular condition, and one doctor told me he would have to operate. I went on vocal rest for about one month and then started lessons. With Liz’s help I’ve been able to belt my butt off, and haven’t had serious problems again (Knock on wood!). Liz also helps me find audition material and coaches me on songs. And best of all, she always puts a smile on my face!”

What a talented dedicated professional you are. Thank you for being so great at what you do. I would work with you everyday if I could. You get it.”

– Mike Myers, actor known for Wayne’s World, the Austin Powers series, Shrek
I couldn’t have done eight shows a week on ‘American Idiot’ without what I learned from Liz Caplan. Liz gave us a lot of physical training and warm-ups and things to do to warm up the voice because it goes against all human instinct to sing and shout that much over eight shows a week. Your body starts to shut down at a certain point. And so you have to rely on training and these little tricks and exercises. Liz is amazing. She works with everyone and she definitely saved all of our voices when she came on to ‘American Idiot’.”

I am constantly amazed at how Liz also becomes friend, coach, and confidant to her students. She doesn’t just love teaching–she also loves the connection of great collaboration.”

– Dominick Amendum, Music Director/Conductor and Associate Musical Supervisor of WICKED

Liz has such incredible intuition about the human voice. Her ability to pin point the problem and communicate a solution is mind-blowing to me… in my 18 years in NY, I have never worked with a teacher who was able to communicate as well as Liz. She has changed the way I sing. To hear it, it is the same voice, but how I produce sound is easier, healthier and more fun!”

– Lauren Kennedy, actor Artistic Director of Hot Summer Nights Theatre Raleigh

I want to work with you on everything!! I am a true Liz acolyte and grateful from the depth of my heart for your gift, and the way you lead people from a place of fear to a place of freedom and beauty.”

– Lear DeBessonet, director, Obie Award winner and founder of Public Works
Liz Caplan’s skill with singers as well as actors is unparalleled. What makes me a huge fan and devoted supporter is how she integrates the voice with the full body. She teaches full-body singing in order to wholly realize the vocal potential of her students. She also greatly respects a singer’s individuality and vocal personality, not attempting to create a certain sound, but unleashing the best sound each specific person can create.”
– Michael Arden, FX’s “Anger Management”, THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN’, BARE: A POP OPERA, BIG RIVER. Director of Broadway’s SPRING AWAKENING and the upcoming ONCE ON THIS ISLAND revival.
Liz is a brilliant, patient, inspiring teacher. Not only do I want to sing like Liz, I want to BE like Liz…I’m so happy every time I go meet a guest before the show and I learn that they are one of the Fellowship of the Sing when they say the magic word “Caplan!” We bond. I miss the internal spiritual massage that your work provides.”
– Stephen Colbert, Host of “The Late Show” on CBS
Liz saved my voice. I was running into problems that I didn’t know how to fix. Liz went right to work and she helped my find my voice again… I was grateful to be able to thank her from the stage of the Beacon Theater when I accepted a Tony Award this year. I could NOT have done it without her. Today, I’m singing with more confidence than I ever have, and more importantly, because of the technique Liz has ‘gifted’ me,I can trust that it will always be there.”
– Nikki M. James, Tony Award winner for Best Leading Actress in BOOK OF MORMON
Liz came highly recommended and, to be quite honest, I had my doubts. Happily my cynicism was crushed… My 1st lesson was during tech for “All Shook Up.” I was VERY vocally fatigued & thought, ‘I sound like a frog right now.’ I kid you not, I left feeling fresh, warm & invigorated. She’s at the top of her field and I highly recommend trying to get an appointment.”
– Cheyenne Jackson
Certainly your knowledge of the medium and your ability to directly focus on specific areas of improvement greatly encouraged and influenced our vocal students. I marvelled at the rapport you were able to establish…you truly are a gifted musician, teacher and coach.”
– Dr. Robert Miller, Festival of Arts & Letters Chairman, East Stroudsburg University
For a week, my voice was nowhere to be found. I was battling laryngitis, a croup, and the fatigue of Tony season. I came to Liz Caplan’s studio with nothing but swollen cords and a sick feeling in my stomach, that despite the fact I HAD to go onstage, I would be going on with nothing to give. And then the unimaginable happened. Liz not only saved my voice with a series of exercises I now use every day of my life, but that night, I sang as if nothing had ever been wrong. She isn’t a teacher. She is a Goddess.”
– Josh Gad, Tony Award nominee for THE BOOK OF MORMON, voice of Olaf in Disney’s Frozen
We are preparing our Music Dance Theatre Senior Showcase for New York and looking to have a vocal Master Class while we are there. Every time this comes up we think of Liz Caplan first because the Master Class that she did for our students 3 years ago was so wonderful and beneficial.”
– Gayle Lockwood, Brigham Young University Vocal Faculty


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"I think in terms of the voice, you know, I have a wonderful, brilliant vocal teacher named Liz Caplan, who - I refuse to sing anywhere in public without warming up with her. And she is just really gifted and did a lot of work with me to kind of put the notes into my body in the correct posture in the healthiest way possible and then allow the Evan posture and sort of physicalization to be on top of that and to kind of become a sort of added layer rather than trying to learn how to sing from an unhealthy place. So just the nitty-gritty detail of getting to work with her throughout the entire process helped me to just maintain a sustainable vocal life while also, you know, living in this very - as you said, very tense, very sort of rounded character." Ben Platt

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Jeremy Pope and Ephraim Sykes of Ain’t Too Proud Interview Each Other
"What everyone’s not telling you is that we have all hands on deck. So, during intermission, everyone has a physical therapist that’s here stretching out our bodies. We get IV drips once a week because our bodies are so dehydrated. We have vocal lessons with a beautiful vocal goddess named Liz Caplan who basically helps us maintain. While it’s a blessing to be doing this job, it’s hard. It’s eight shows a week. It’s fuckin’ entertainment. It’s little things like that that keep us extra hype right now. Again, I don’t think I could do this show without my brothers, the five of us, without Ephraim. It is a relay race that we are kind of passing the baton on to each other at different moments in the show and in this life. Just being there for each other and holding it down so that we can get through this amazing time in our life."   Excerpt from a Vman article on Tony Nominees Jeremy Pope and Ephraim Sykes from Ain't Too Proud
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the_greatest_showman_3_jackman-768x511   Below is an excerpt from an interview with Hugh Jackman, award-winning star of the upcoming 20th Century Fox production, The Greatest Showman, discussing his experience with the film. Click here to read the full article. (photo credits: 20th Century Fox)   Live Singing  HJ: I am more comfortable singing live than in a recording studio, but I’ve spent hours in the recording studio.  We even built a recording studio during our 10 week rehearsal process so that if at any point anyone felt comfortable to go and sing, we’d just go up and record.  I have no idea how many takes those poor engineers have gone through, but, you know, I worked with Liz Caplan, a different singing teacher, to get a slightly different style because we cross over between a pop world and a theatre world.  It’s somewhere in between and we wanted the style to reflect that and it is a lot more work than you think.
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10 Things You May Not Know: James Monroe Iglehart of ‘Aladdin’
Check out this interview with 2014 Tony Winner, James Monroe Iglehart, now currently starring as Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton!   The key to being Genie The challenge of the role is that it’s very vigorous. It’s like being shot out of a cannon. Once you are on stage you are on and you are constantly at a high-energy pace from the moment you start and I have to keep myself well hydrated, I have to get lots of sleep. I have to make sure my voice is well-rested, but also warmed up. The main thing is just the wear and tear of doing it every single night at that high of a pace. I have a wonderful vocal coach, named Liz Caplan, who I go see every Thursday and she’s wonderful. She makes sure that my voice stays the way it is and my muscles in my voice stay the way they are. I make sure that I am on a high protein diet because I’m a bigger guy, so I have to stay big because it’s kind of fun watching a big guy do a cartwheel. Watching a skinny guy do a cartwheel, you’re not really that impressed and I’ve got to make sure I have tons of water in me. Make sure I get at least 7 and a half hours of sleep, 8 is what I would really like, but if I can get 7 and a half I’ll take that. Also, I do my best to get to the gym at least twice a week. What I mean by that is I’m on a bike, I am not a muscle gym rat, but I like to get on the bike and do my stuff. I also say my lines and stuff on the bike. Also, I do “Friend Like Me” in my head every single night before I do a show. I do a mock version of it in my dressing room every night before the show just to keep myself fresh to know what I’m going to do.
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Click here to read the Hollywood Reporter article on Denee Benton, and how she manages to sing so beautifully  while maneuvering around the many staircases of Great Comet's set!   You’re in nearly every number. How do you manage? This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, vocally and emotionally. I’ve been training with the voice teacher Liz Caplan, and Dr. Lucian Sulica at Weill Cornell Med has been monitoring my vocal folds. Plus, lots of physical therapy. It’s a marathon, and that’s without all the stairs. While rehearsing, a lot of the stairs were just different colors of tape diagrammed on the floor, so most of the planning was finished during tech week. So I started seeing a speech pathologist and we’d do the vocal exercises in the stairwell of the building, just to get my body used to breathing, singing and running at the same time. The first few weeks, I certainly felt like I got hit by a bus at all times, but I can now finish a show and be okay.
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Neil Patrick Harris- “Sugar Daddy” at the 2014 Tony Awards
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Take A Look Back… Past Tony Winners Praise Caplan
Click here to watch Nikki M James accept the Tony  Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for Book Of Mormon Click here to watch Patina Miller of Pippin accepting a Tony Award during the 2013 Tony ceremony for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical
First Photo! See Allison WIlliams as Peter Pan
Here's the first look of Allison Williams as Peter Pan in this photo from NBC's upcoming telecast of "Peter Pan Live!" Liz will be the vocal consultant to Allison Williams on this production. Click here to read more!
Celebrating a Film About a Film
Read here how Amanda Seyfried turned from innocent Cosette in "Les Miserables" to porn star, Linda Lovelace.
Neil Patrick Harris backstage at the 2014 Tony Awards
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Neil Patrick Harris: Actor, Singer, Dad
Trading one character (a buff womanizer) for quite another (a lipstick-and-stiletto-wearing transgender singer) is no easy task, especially when both roles are fan favorites. Just ask TV, film, and theater star Neil Patrick Harris...
Neil Patrick Harris, Stephen Colbert & cast perform “Sorry/Grateful”- Company (2011)
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Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon “Somewhere Out There”
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Liz Caplan teaching the Broadway Company of ONCE
photophoto-5photophoto-4 photo-2
Booking It! Broadway, Film and Recording Industry Go-To Vocal Coach Liz Caplan
Playbill.com's new feature series Booking It asks leading industry members to share professional insights, need-to-know tips and essential tricks of the trade for up-and-coming and established theatre artists. This week we speak with Liz Caplan, the veteran vocal coach and teacher who has guided her students to Tony Award-winning success. Click here to read the full article.
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10 Questions for a Broadway Pro: The voice teacher to the stars
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John Gallagher Jr. On ‘Newsroom’ Dialogue And Staging Green Day (NPR)
John Gallagher speaks a bit about his work with Liz on American Idiot: In HBO's The Newsroom, John Gallagher Jr. plays Jim Harper, the senior producer of the nightly cable news program anchored by Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels). The show's second season, which began in July, takes place in 2012 during the presidential primaries. Ever since the start of the series, Gallagher's character has been in a will-they-or-won't-they relationship with one of the young producers of the news show. Right now, it's looking to him like they won't, and in an attempt to get away from the woman who's broken his heart, he's decided to go on the campaign trail and report from the Mitt Romney bus. But he soon discovers there's nothing to report, just repetitive stump speeches and daily spin delivered by Romney campaign aides on the bus. In a recent episode, Jim tried to get some real answers out of the aides, and ended up getting thrown off the bus.... Click here for the full article!
Liz appears on CNN – Watch the Video!
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Article about Liz Caplan in BlackBook
This BlackBook Magazine article looks at the "Voice Behind the Voices" of Stephen Colbert and Neil Patrick Harris.  Click here to read!
Liz Caplan’s students win the coveted Tony Award for three years in a row!
In 2011, Nikki M. James for Book of Mormon (Best features actress)
In 2012, Steve Kazee for Once (Best Actor)
In 2013, Patina Miller for Pippin (Best Actress)
Stephen Colbert talks to NPR about the stage and his Vocal Training
Colbert describes that once he was cast, and started taking vocal lessons, he "gained a new respect… for professional singers… and discovered the therapeutic nature of singing lessons.  They're like doing yoga but for [the] inside of your body…"  Read the full article here!
Liz featured in The Wall Street Journal
"Touring New York City's Seminars" features Liz's vocal advise and techniques, as well as her typical "day."  Click here for the full article!